Drug Offenses

CourthouseState laws impose harsh penalties on those convicted of drug offenses. You may think you have just enough drugs in your pocket for your own personal use, yet law enforcement considers it enough for several people and so you end up being charged with possession with the intent to distribute.

You can be charged with conspiring to sell or manufacture drugs even if you are never found in possession of drugs. The charge is based on allegations that you and at least one other person discussed selling drugs and had every intention of carrying out your plan.

Almost all drug convictions result in prison time and hefty fines. The amount of prison time often depends on the specific drug and the amount of it involved in the alleged crime. You need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has a good track record of defending drug charges.

At my Law Office of Stanley R. Switzer, I am a Certified Specialist, Criminal Law, The State Bar Of California Board of Legal Specialization. I have more than 25 years of experience defending my clients on drug charges. I will thoroughly investigate all the facts of your case, protect all of your constitutional rights and put the prosecution’s evidence to the test.

My only concern is acting in your best interest. If taking your case to trial is the best option, I will vigorously present your defense in our quest for an acquittal. If it means working for reduced charges and penalties, I am an experienced negotiator.